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Drink Like Dickens: Your Guide To A London Charles Dickens Pub Crawl

Drink Like Dickens: Your Guide To A London Charles Dickens Pub Crawl

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get drunk with Charles Dickens, I’m here to answer, well, at least part of your quandary. Dickens may be long dead, but it is still possible to drink like the famed author would have. Ready […]

How To Deal With Living Abroad (Even When You Hate It)

How To Deal With Living Abroad (Even When You Hate It)

  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the struggle of living abroad. This is mostly because two dear friends of mine settled abroad for the very first time in their lives and now, three years later, are still struggling to adjust. As someone who […]

5 Amazing Lisbon Restaurants For The Vegetarian Traveler

5 Amazing Lisbon Restaurants For The Vegetarian Traveler


Being a vegetarian can be a challenge – especially if you are an expat living in countries that don’t cater much to the meatless lifestyle. Finding ways to follow your vegetarian ways may be simpler when you’re on your home turf, but traveling to countries with meat-strong cuisines tends to throw even the staunchest vegetarians off track.

Portugal is known for its meaty dishes, whether we’re talking about the famous Francesinha or the Portuguese seafood medleys. At first glance it might seem like Portugal isn’t a vegetarian-friendly country, but there are quite a few great vegetarian and vegan places that have popped up in recent years in the nation’s capital. So if you’re paying Lisboa a visit and fear you’ll have to give up being a vegetarian while there, worry no more! Here are some of Lisbon’s best vegetarian options to keep you meat-free and happy!


  1. PSI


This hidden gem is easily one of Lisbon’s best vegetarian restaurants – both for the food and for the ambiance! Most of the dishes are Asian fusion so you can choose from different themes, whether you’re in the mood for something a little Indian, Thai, or want to try them all. The portions are hearty and the surroundings are beautiful! You’ll find it way too easy to while away an evening here.


Suggested dish: Sweet and sour eggplant with tofu – 10.90


  1. Boca Lupo


If I could gush on and on about this organic pizzeria I would, because it offered me one of the most memorable experiences in Lisbon! The owner’s niece is studying opera and stops in every couple of weeks to serenade the patrons as she serves their food. We were lucky enough to be in on a night when she was there and got a free opera performance with our dinner! Even if you don’t get to hear this talented beauty sing, Boca Lupo is well worth the visit. Over half their menu caters to vegetarians and they sell great, locally brewed beer to go along with it. Did I mention that the food is absolutely sublime?


Suggested dish: Rossa (pizza with mozzarella, dried tomato, and basil) – 13.50


  1. Ink


Nestled in a side street just steps away from the central stop of Lisbon’s famed Tram 28, Ink is a pure vegan restaurant that takes pride in providing healthy, meat and dairy free dishes. While I wasn’t a big fan of their sandwich of the day, I did fall in love with their vegan chili which is absolutely delish. Even better, you get to sit at cute, colorful picnic tables while you eat.


Suggested dish: Soup and drink deal (vegan chili and fruit drink of choice) – 9.50


  1. Paella


Given its close proximity to Spain, it’s no surprise you can find a lot of Spanish influence in Portugal. Behind Lison’s Praça do Comércio you’ll find alleyways dedicated almost entirely to the wonders of paella. While not all of them offer vegetarian options, you’re certain to find a few who do. Pair your vegetarian paella with some sangria and your Portuguese holiday will have reached its relaxing peak!

Suggested dish: Vegetarian paella – 10.50


  1. Terra


Terra is touted as one of Lisbon’s top vegetarian restaurants and is a must-try if you’re hunting for a good variety of meatless dishes. The concept at Terra is pretty simple: you pay a set price for the buffet, then extra for any drinks you’d like to consume. The restaurant even has a pretty back terrace for sitting on particularly lovely days!


Suggested dish: All-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet – 15.90

Do you have any vegetarian favorites in Lisbon? Share your suggestions in the comments section! 

What To Do On A Day Out In Vancouver

What To Do On A Day Out In Vancouver

Vancouver is an amazing city for many reasons, but I particularly love that it’s easy to visit any time of the year. Because of its moderate climate, Vancouver weather rarely ranges in the extreme and can be pleasant whether you visit in winter or summer. […]

6 Things To Do And See In Tokyo (Other Than Cherry Blossoms)

6 Things To Do And See In Tokyo (Other Than Cherry Blossoms)

  Cherry blossom season is upon us again and is scheduled to hit Tokyo sometime in late March. This is arguably one of the best, and most beautiful times of year to visit Japan, and it’s probably nearly impossible to imagine springtime in Japan without […]

5 Romantic Cities to Visit in 2017

5 Romantic Cities to Visit in 2017

Valentine’s Day has just passed (I hope you all had a fantastic one), but I’m a true believer in keeping the romance going all year long. So, in that spirit, let’s take a look at some of the most romantic cities in the world that you should be visiting in 2017:

2. Lisbon, Portugal


If the old-fashioned charm and friendly people don’t capture your heart, the colorful buildings and quaint trams certainly will! Visiting Lisbon is the perfect way to show yourself a little love—and that’s the best kind, isn’t it?



2. Kyoto, Japan


There are few places in the world as magical as Kyoto, and it is one city I would definitely return to in a heartbeat. The peaceful serenity and gorgeous nature will give you plenty of time to reflect on how much you love that special someone.



3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


It’s not hard to pinpoint what makes Amsterdam such a romantic city. Those dreamy canals, whimsical markets, and fanciful lanes and byways pretty much say it all!



4. Cappadocia, Turkey


Cappadocia seems to be all about romance and whimsy. You can take hikes among the fairy chimneys, go on a hot air balloon ride, or get lost in your thoughts while smoking a hookah and drinking Turkish tea. You’ll most definitely fall in love with this cute little town.



5. Ubud, Bali


Nothing quite says romance like a little taste of island life. Bali is an incredible place to visit, both solo or with someone you love. The tropical panoramas and friendly people will surely kindle a spark of passion in you for this beautiful island! Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love.



What do you think are some of the most romantic cities in the world? Share your travel experiences!