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Your Guide To A Weekend In Wales

Your Guide To A Weekend In Wales

I love traveling in the Autumn and Winter not only because these tend to be low tourist seasons (which means better prices, fewer people, and whole slew of other benefits), but also because it gives me a chance to see places in a different light. […]

Breakfast To Bars: Where To Eat & Drink In Glasgow

Breakfast To Bars: Where To Eat & Drink In Glasgow

When I visited Glasgow for the first time a couple months ago, I didn’t have very high hopes for the foodie scene. As a vegetarian I was worried I might end up eating pizza my entire stay there. How wrong I was! Not only does Glasgow have a great pub scene, it also has some of the best vegan and vegetarian fare I’ve tried this side of the ocean. If you’re headed to Glasgow and aren’t sure where to go for delicious food and drink, check out this itinerary of where you should be eating (and drinking) on a day out and around town:





The Butterfly and the Pig

The Butterfly and the Pig does double duty as a chic restaurant by day and a cool pub by night. But you’ll definitely want to head here for breakfast (or brunch after a night out on the town). The mismatched furniture and vintage flavour of this place will have you wanting to spend an entire morning nibbling away at their hearty Scottish-style breakfast and sipping cup after cup of tea.







The Flying Duck

If you think going vegan means your hotdog and hamburger eating days are behind you, think again. The Flying Duck is a bizarrely cool vegan diner that specializes in serving up great food and drinks. Everything is free from animal produce and absolutely delicious. The Flying Duck hosts live bands on the weekend, which makes for a great ambiance, and they’re firmly eco-conscious with their no-straws policy!




Coffee Break



The Cran

If you’re looking for a good place to kick back and regain your energy with a bracing cup of Joe, then you can’t do better than The Cran. This adorable little vegan and vegetarian café offers a lot of varieties of coffee, tea, baked goods, and other healthy fare. Everything is locally sourced, and they even have a part of the store dedicated to jewellery and other cool knick-knacks handmade by locals! Their iced lattes are pretty stellar, but you’ll feel spoiled with all the other amazing options too.





Lucky 7

What better way to finish off a day of sight-seeing around Glasgow than to unwind over a seriously good mojito? Head to Lucky 7, one of the Glasgow’s coolest (and most hipster) pubs. Lucky 7 is both a restaurant and a bar, so you can choose between sitting down for dinner, or simply having a couple drinks along with some popcorn—served up in a nifty camping mug. This is one of my favorite pubs in Glasgow, not just because of the mean mojito, but because it’s a chill, quiet place where you can really relax and think over your exciting day.



Do you have any Glasgow favorites where you love hanging out?

5 Great Bars For Your Glasgow Pub Crawl

5 Great Bars For Your Glasgow Pub Crawl

Glasgow was overcast and rainy on the days I was visiting, so it only seemed fitting to spend more time indoors than braving the wind and rain outside. By indoors I mean checking out the local drinking scene, of course! I embarked on a mini […]

Hiking The Chess Valley Trail – A Beginner’s Guide

Hiking The Chess Valley Trail – A Beginner’s Guide

This is my second summer living in London, and it’s been a big goal of mine to explore places near the city. Since the weather has been so great this year (hot, hot, hot), doing walks and hikes has been a huge part of the […]

5 Romantic Cities to Visit in 2017

5 Romantic Cities to Visit in 2017

Valentine’s Day has just passed (I hope you all had a fantastic one), but I’m a true believer in keeping the romance going all year long. So, in that spirit, let’s take a look at some of the most romantic cities in the world that you should be visiting in 2017:

2. Lisbon, Portugal


If the old-fashioned charm and friendly people don’t capture your heart, the colorful buildings and quaint trams certainly will! Visiting Lisbon is the perfect way to show yourself a little love—and that’s the best kind, isn’t it?



2. Kyoto, Japan


There are few places in the world as magical as Kyoto, and it is one city I would definitely return to in a heartbeat. The peaceful serenity and gorgeous nature will give you plenty of time to reflect on how much you love that special someone.



3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


It’s not hard to pinpoint what makes Amsterdam such a romantic city. Those dreamy canals, whimsical markets, and fanciful lanes and byways pretty much say it all!



4. Cappadocia, Turkey


Cappadocia seems to be all about romance and whimsy. You can take hikes among the fairy chimneys, go on a hot air balloon ride, or get lost in your thoughts while smoking a hookah and drinking Turkish tea. You’ll most definitely fall in love with this cute little town.



5. Ubud, Bali


Nothing quite says romance like a little taste of island life. Bali is an incredible place to visit, both solo or with someone you love. The tropical panoramas and friendly people will surely kindle a spark of passion in you for this beautiful island! Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love.



What do you think are some of the most romantic cities in the world? Share your travel experiences!