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7 Reasons To Travel Solo

7 Reasons To Travel Solo


Travelling alone can seem like a daunting idea, but it’s actually one of the most liberating things a traveler can do! These days, you’ll find plenty of resources for solo travelers and even travel agencies that cater to the needs of these specific types of adventurers. If you’re not sure solo travel is for you, read on for 7 great reasons why you should travel alone. Remember: sometimes the best travel companion is yourself!



  1. You become a planner

When you travel with other people, the bulk of planning the entire trip doesn’t rest on you. Someone else might book the Airbnb, or plan out the activities, or research the best places to eat. But when you travel solo you have to take responsibility for all that. Any seasoned traveler will tell you that a minimal amount of planning goes into even the most carefree of journeys, and the best way to learn how to do that is to travel by yourself!



  1. You become independent

This is probably the most obvious one, but I’m going to say it anyways: solo travel makes you a more independent person. Once you take that first trip alone, you’ll treasure the independence it gave you and be craving more! Solo travel will teach you how to deal with things on your own and you’ll have to learn to think on your feet if you want to be a successful independent traveler.



  1. You become fearless

A certain amount of fear is normal, especially if you rarely travel or have never traveled on your own. It might seem impossible to head to Turkey, or Mexico, or Taiwan by yourself, but putting yourself out there will show you that you don’t really have all that much to be scared of. Sure, it’s always good to be cautious when you travel, but at the same time developing that fearlessness and feeling like you can take on the world is an amazing part of solo travel!



  1. You become all about you

One of my favorite reasons to travel alone is that the trip doesn’t need to be divided according to what others want to do, instead, it becomes all about what I want to do. Interested in doing a wine tour in Australia? Go for it! Feel like hunting down James Joyce’s old haunts in Dublin? You can do that too! These things may bore other people, but when you travel by yourself you can focus on what you’re truly passionate about instead of worrying about the group.



  1. You become more social

When you travel with friends, it’s very unlikely you’ll socialize outside that group of people. I mean, why would you, right? Traveling alone is an excellent way to force yourself to reach out and meet new people, make friends, and find new travel companions. If you’d rather face the entire trip alone, that’s perfectly fine, but it is always more fun to have a partner in crime. Who knows, you may come home having made some friends for life!



  1. You become budget conscious

My best shoestring budget trips have always been when I travel by myself. For some reason, when you add people into the mix things tend to get either more expensive or, if you’re taking turns paying for stuff, keeping track of how much you’re spending gets a lot harder. When you travel solo this isn’t the case. You can decide to eat ramen noodles for the duration of your trip so you can take that expensive cooking class, or blow your budget on museums and ice-cream. Either way, it will be a cheaper journey because you’ll be more in control of your finances than if you travel in a group.



  1. You become addicted

You may be asking yourself: “Why would I ever travel alone?” The only way to truly answer this question is to actually do it, and once you do you’ll find solo travel to be quite addictive! Travelling by yourself will give you opportunities to daydream and explore the world in your own time. You’ll come home with lots of funny, and fascinating, stories to tell. And you’ll probably want to start planning your next solo trip right away!

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