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Morning to Night: Drinking Culture in Italy

Morning to Night: Drinking Culture in Italy

Before visiting Italy for the first time I’d heard plenty of whispering/rumours about how important drinking culture is to the overall Italian way of life. The moment I landed in Milan, I started to notice evidence everywhere that this is true! Whether seeing people head […]

5 Reasons To Travel Europe In Early June

5 Reasons To Travel Europe In Early June

Summer is coming up and it’s the perfect time to travel…well, to some places at least. If you’re considering a last-minute trip to somewhere in Europe, here’s 5 reasons why you should plan your vacation for the first two weeks of June: 1. It’s shoulder […]

5 Things To Do In Copenhagen In Both Winter & Summer

5 Things To Do In Copenhagen In Both Winter & Summer


Copenhagen is one of Europe’s oldest cities and, arguably, also one of the most beautiful. Whether you’re visiting in the winter or at peak tourist season in summer, you’ll be sure to fall in love with this gorgeous metropolis. Need some tips about what to do while you’re there? Check out these five activities/sites that shouldn’t be missed:


  1. Paper Island


Paper Island is a must-see whenever you visit Copenhagen, and can be a great winter activity (because it offers you an opportunity to get out of the cold) or a fabulous summer stop (because you’ll get a chance to sit by the waterside with a breathtaking view of the city skyline). Paper Island is also home to art installations, museums, and, best of all, a huge street food market! What’s great is that the street market is located inside a massive warehouse, so not only can you pop in to get warm, you’ll have access to a variety of tasty dishes and drinks from around the globe. It really is an incredibly fun experience that’s not to be missed!



  1. The Canals


There’s something eerily romantic about seeing Copenhagen’s canals covered in a winter fog. The subtle hints of a chill in the air and the overcast weather definitely provide a remarkable juxtaposition to the colorful buildings and perky boats that line the these waterways. In the spring or summer the feel is definitely much different. While summers in Copenhagen are sunny, you’ll find that the occasional summer drizzle will create a charming experience as you walk along the canals. Of course, don’t forget to pack an umbrella, regardless of what time of year you’re there!



  1. Original Coffee


Original Coffee is a Danish coffee chain that has a few shops all around the city. It makes my list of musts in Copenhagen not only for its locally sourced coffee beans and tasty pastries, but also because it features ‘coffee with a view.’ Head to the café at the top floor of the Illum shopping center in the posh Østergade area. Not only will you warm up with some amazing hot beverages, you’ll get some gorgeous views of the streets and have a chance to do a little people-watching (which, let’s be honest, everyone loves to do).



  1. Freetown Christiania


It’s time to bundle up (or strip down) to head outside because, rain or shine, you’ve got to pay a visit to Copenhagen’s famed Freetown Christiania before you leave. Freetown is a hippie area considered autonomous by its some 800 residents. Photos are strictly prohibited in Freetown and you’ll risk getting shouted at or beat up if you so much as try to snap a pic. This is because the cannabis trade thrives in Freetown and dealers don’t want to run the risk of being caught on camera. However, it’s well worth the visit for its street art alone. Even just outside this hippie town the art is quite lovely—it’s remarkable nature not at all diminished by too-cold or too-warm weather!



  1. Thorvaldsen’s Museum

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One of the best ways to get out of the winter cold or the summer sun is to pop into a museum. Thorvaldsen’s Museum is one of Copenhagen’s best, and if you want to see artwork by a Danish artists this is the place to go! The museum houses the work of world-reknown Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen . His sculptures are amazing and sure to leave you in awe, and the building itself is also quite gorgeous and worth the visit. Adult admission costs DKK60 (about USD 8.50) which is an incredibly reasonable price for the wonderful opportunity to see this museum.

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Do you have an favorites you love visiting in Copenhagen, in both winter and summer? What are some activities you suggest for a trip to Copenhagen?