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Hikes Near London: The Mole Gap Trail

Hikes Near London: The Mole Gap Trail

Summer is back in London and that means it’s time to start getting outdoors again. One of my favorite summer activities in the UK is doing small weekend hikes. The weather usually doesn’t get too hot and it’s a fun way to explore a little […]

Drink Like Dickens: Your Guide To A London Charles Dickens Pub Crawl

Drink Like Dickens: Your Guide To A London Charles Dickens Pub Crawl

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get drunk with Charles Dickens, I’m here to answer, well, at least part of your quandary. Dickens may be long dead, but it is still possible to drink like the famed author would have. Ready […]

Top Picks from London Cocktail Week

Top Picks from London Cocktail Week

For those of you who didn’t know, London Cocktail Week 2016 took over London for its seventh year last week from October 3rd to October 9th. This festival of delicious beverages included cocktail master classes, £5 cocktails all around the city, and a multitude of other delicious goodies. If you missed out this year, don’t worry, LCW will be back next year at around the same time, so mark your calendar! In the meantime, check out some of my surprise favorites from London Cocktail Week and indulge visually in the experience with me.


100 Hoxton

LCW Drink: 100 Hoxton. OH Cordial (chili, ginger, and lemongrass), lychee liqueur, lemon, and fizz.

What I liked: I’m generally a huge fan of any beverage that has chili in it and this one was no exception. Because of the fizz, it felt like I was drinking a really festive, slightly spicy champagne. The 100 Hoxton was a nice balance of fruity and fizzy without the alcohol overpowering the whole thing. Definitely easy to drink!


Gong Bar

LCW Drink: Edgar. Apricot brandy infused with cacao, Fernet Branca, coffee and saffron syrup, and lavender bitter.

What I liked: I’m not a brandy drinker, so I was a little nervous about trying a cocktail with a brandy foundation. However, I actually really enjoyed the Edgar. Named after writer Edgar Allan Poe, the Edgar was truly as poetic as he was. Priced at £10, it was double what all the other cocktails were, but totally worth it as I was paying for the experience of slowly enjoying a good brandy while admiring the magnificent view of London from The Shard’s 52nd floor!



LCW Drink: Auchentoshan & Ale. Auchentoshan Scotch Whisky, lemon juice, sugar syrup, jam, bitters, and ale.

What I liked: This was definitely a different type of drink for me because I’ve never heard of anyone mixing Scotch and ale. I have to say though that it was one of my favorites of the festival. The Scotch Whisky was superb and there was just the right amount of tartness to the drink to make it feel both refreshing and sophisticated.


Blueprint Cafe

LCW Drink: Tea & G.  Gin, home-made chamomile reduction, fresh lemon, marmalade and ginger ale.

What I liked: The only alcoholic tea I’ve ever drunk is a Long Island, so I was a little worried about how potent the Tea & G would be. I was pleasantly surprised by what I received! It was served into my glass from an actual teapot which was very cool. The combination of flavors was extremely pleasant and I loved the feeling of drinking chamomile tea with a little bit of a punch. This one goes down easy and leaves you smiling, there’s no doubt about that!


The Bermondsey Yard Cafe

LCW Drink: Bermondsey Indian Summer Martinez. Gin, 2 types of vermouth, elderflower cordial and fresh lime juice.

What I liked: I have to admit that my favorite part of this cocktail experience was the vibe of The Bermondsey Yard Café. This eclectic bar seemed like just the kind of place I’d enjoy hanging out at with its rugged, industrial décor and the old-school  DJ playing 70s records. The Bermondsey Indian Summer Martinez was probably one of the strongest drinks I sampled during LCW, and I suspect that if I’d been drinking it in a less cool place I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it quite so much. The Bermondsey Yard Café was the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a gin based drink like this one!


What were some of your favorites from LCW both past and present? Feel free to share!

A Purple Party At Mayfield Lavender

A Purple Party At Mayfield Lavender

Summer is a very magical time in the U.K. This mostly has to do with the fact that the weather, on some random days, can be pretty decent (and on occasion warm). All it takes for people to break out the swimsuits and go full-out […]